Opening Declaration

commmons is a music project -- a loose collection of artists
bound together by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of this laid back musical collective.
To celebrate the decade of the exploration and development of
new possibilities in music and mediums related to music,
we have decided to host our first-ever music event.

The theme of this event is health music.
As a former patient of oropharyngeal cancer, health has been a big concern for Ryuichi Sakamoto of recent,
along with many individuals today who cherish the idea of healthy living.
And, of course, health and the lack of it are the flipside of the same coin.
With this fact in mind, we will be exploring the theme of what health is
not only through music events, but also through a variety of other participatory events related to food, exercise, laughter,
and knowledge.
We hope you enjoy the experience of music and health
brought to you by commmons.


about commmons

'commmons' is a new project established by Ryuichi Sakamoto in collaboration with the Avex Group, which provides both the infrastructure of a solid record company, and the freedom to do things differently.
commmons is not"Sakamoto's label,"but rather a platform for other artists to join as equal collaborators and share in the benefits of this structure.
commmons was established to create a common ground, a place where new relationships can be built between the music industry,
the audience, artists and creators. The project aims to find new possibilities for music, while making meaningful contribution to culture and society.
Music will always be the center of all activities commmons is engaged in.
This is the reason for the 3 m's in commmons ? the third 'm' is for music.
As commmons aims to contribute to society, the label must be ecological in focus and method,
respectful to nature in all of the label's activities. Other companies are only now discovering recycled digipaks or biodegradable shrinkwrap,
eco-packaging materials Sakamoto has been using since 1994. Long experience with companies that create environmentally friendly products will help commmons to be an innovator in this field.



Laughing has been considered as the all-curing medicine for ages. In recent years, there has been growing evidence supporting the fact that laughing helps boost the immune system. For this event, we have set up a unique collaboration with Zabutontei Furyu Kikaku. We hope you enjoy the rakugo stages at The Garden Room.

※Zabutontei Furyu Kikaku


Since Ryuichi Sakamoto was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer, he has been on a healthy eating regimen. Last summer, while recording music for the film, "Nagasaki: Memories of My Son," an incredible chef duo named Nanpu Shokudo curated and catered the meals for Sakamoto and his staff. In this catering spirit, we will be curating food booths staffed by chefs, restaurateurs and activists for healthy living, deliciousness and workshops.

※Nanpu Shokudo


From the physicality of performance, exercise in the form of dance, the emotional effect of music, all the way to prenatal training and musical therapy, music and health are incredibly closely connected. The concerts, which are the main attraction of this event, will feature artists who have been with commmons throughout this 10-year journey.


Aside from exercise, food, and laughter, knowledge is necessary in understanding well-being. We will join forces with BAKUON Film Festival, a film festival for music lovers who want to enjoy movies with great sound. (Movies programmed by Ryuichi Sakamoto) In addition, there will be a discussion session on the body and music along with guests such as biologist Shinichi Fukuoka and dancer Min Tanaka. Each sessions will be hosted by Ryuichi Sakamoto. We plan to have more guests to participate in these sessions as well.

※Bakuon Film Festival


Exercise is key to good health. You will be able to experience yoga and other exercise workshops along with the participating musicians' live performances.

<commmons10 Kenkou-Ongaku>

Date: 2016
April 8th (Fri) Opening Ceremony 18:30(doors)/19:00(start)
April 9th (Sat) 12:00(doors)/13:00(start) ※Show expected to finish at 20:00
April 10th (Sun) 12:00(doors)/13:00(start) ※Show expected to finish at 20:00
Venue: The Garden Hall
The Garden Room
Yebisu Garden Place Hiroba
Host: Ryuichi Sakamoto ※The programs he'll be participating will be a surprise ;)
April 8th (Fri) Opening Ceremony / Live talk event
"The new world of Yukihiro Takahashi -Special Version-"
KnowledgeYukihiro Takahashi / Guest: Ryuichi Sakamoto
※Only those with a 3 day ticket are permitted to participate in the Opening Ceremony on April 8th (Fri).
April 9th (Sat) MusicIchiko Aoba with Keigo Oyamada & U-zhaan (Guest: Haruomi Hosono)
ASA-CHANG&Junray / Taeko Onuki / Charisma.com
kotringo / MAREWREW and more
Laughter Ichinosuke Shunputei / Tougetuan Hakushu
April 10th (Sun) MusicAFRIRAMPO / Goro Ito
UNAIGUMI (Guest: Ryuichi Sakamoto) / KUKANGENDAI
Hiroshi Takano + Ren Takada / Yukihiro Takahashi and more
LaughterMichiko Shimizu / POCASKAJAN
Kyotaro Yanagiya and more
Guests: Haruomi Hosono / Yakushimaru Etsuko ※TBC
(※Listed in alphabetical order)
Guests: Yakushimaru Etsuko ※TBC
(※Listed in alphabetical order)
FoodExerciseKnowledge※Details TBA

Sponsor and planning:commmons
Sponsored:New Balance / Sony Video & Sound Products Inc. / Astell&Kern / Red Bull Studios Tokyo
Planning support:Dentsu
Production support:Zabutontei Furyu Kikaku


April 9th (Sat) Entrance fee: 8,800yen (tax included)
※500yen drink charge at door
April 10th (Sun) Entrance fee: 8,800yen (tax included)
※500yen drink charge at door
3 day entry ticket ※limited to 300: 20,000yen (tax included) - Sold out
※500yen drink charge at door (first day only)

※Tickets are required for visitors who are in elementary school and up. (Free entry for preschool children)
※Tickets for April 9th (Sat), April 10th (Sun), and the 3 day entry ticket will grant you entry for The Garden Hall / The Garden Room.
※The 3 day entry ticket will grant you access to the opening ceremony live talk show on April 8th (Friday)
※Tickets will be exchanged with wristbands upon entrance at The Garden Hall.
※There will be a 500yen drink charge when exchanging wristbands.
(Those with a 3 day entry ticket are only required to pay for the first day.)
※Tickets are not required to enter Yebisu Garden Place. (It is a free open space)
※A separate ticket is required to enter Yebisu Garden Cinema.

<Ticket Agency>

LAWSON ticket
https://l-tike.com 0570-084-003 L-Code:72445
Ticket Pia
https://t.pia.jp 0570-02-9999 P-Code:289-556


DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (weekdays12:00~19:00)